Only four phone calls will reveal your identity

Our Technology is improving day-to-day life. We all well known about MIT. MIT researchers have warned that, just four phone calls are enough to reveal all your personal information. Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that, just four piece of information about the people is enough to identify their personal and other information's.

The researchers noted that, a simply anonymised data may not contain details of name, home address, phone number or others. They examined data collected over 15 months from 1.5 million people and found that "human mobility traces are highly unique".

They examined data collected over 15 months from 1.5 million people and found that "human mobility traces are highly unique".
"A list of potentially sensitive professional and personal information that could be inferred about an individual knowing only his mobility trace was published recently by the Electronic Frontier Foundation," researchers said.
"These include the movements of a competitor sales force, attendance of a particular church or an individual's presence in a motel or at an abortion clinic," they said.
Researchers noted that such personal data, whether supposedly anonymised or not, was increasingly available.
"All together the ubiquity of mobility datasets, the uniqueness of human traces, and the information that can be inferred from them highlight the importance of understanding the privacy bounds of human mobility," researchers said.
Artificial efforts to coarsen the data were found to have relatively little effect, they said.

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Best and Real Websites to Make Money Online

1. Mturk:

The mturk is a product of Amazon. The Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing internet marketplace. It enables users to perform some little tasks that computers are currently unable to do. It is one of the Amazon Web Services.The requester's posting task is known as HITs(Human Intelligence Tasks), they post some tasks for users. Here the user's are called us workers. There are thousands and thousands of HITs available to work online. Anyone can pick, any kind of task and work according to their talent. Click Here  to create an account in Mturk.

2. MegaTypers:

MegaTypers is a company, that offering an online typing job.  They pay you for typing CAPTCHA images which are letters, numbers or combination of both used. They will pay you from $0.60 to $1.05 for every 1,000 CAPTCHAs you type.  Payment is through PayPal or Liberty Reserve with a minimum cash out of $5.  Signing up is through a referral system and members with referrals earn a commission on the earnings of their referees. To create an account in MegaTypers, send your mail id to, (Specify "MEGATYPER") for reference id.

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3. Click Bank:

Click Bank is a private online marketplace for Digital Products. It creates a connection between vendors and affiliates. Here vendor is the owner of digital product and affiliate is the seller of vendor's product. Both vendor and affiliate can earn money through this website. In 2011, Revenue Magazine stated this company as top affiliate network in the United States. The company is a subsidiary of Keynetics, and is the sister company of Kount, an online security company.  It's offering over 46,000 individual products to its affiliate marketers, and provided services in over 200 countries. There is no need spend money to create an account in this website. Just Click Here and get started.

4. Bidvertiser:

It is the best alternative for Google Adsense. It is a Pay per click advertising - online advertising directly on sites of your choice, internet marketing solution for online advertisers. Webmasters, Blogger can make real money online. Click Here to get started.

5. Qadabra:

Qadabra offers a simple, self-serve ad platform solution for publishers looking to monetize their website traffic hassle-free. 
  • Simple
  • Sophisticated
  • Performance-Based
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Built-in Optimization
Make Money Online by monetize your Blog or Website using Qadabra

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Current "Top Star" of Google

Do you know the Person 'Sundar Pichai'?

This is the name rolls on everyone's lips now. Do you know why? He is the topstar of 'Google' now. He studied at IIT Kharagpur. Even IIT professor didn't know him, because he was not born 'Sundar Pichai'. They all know him as P.Sundarajan, he was an unconsidered student from Chennai who joined the Metallurgical Department at IIT Kharagpur in the year 1989.

The Professors are proud about him, has come such a long way and today he leads some of Google's biggest products, including the browser 'Chrome' and Android. Many technology analyst believe that Sundar Pichai's Moving to lead Android.

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Sundar Pichai passed out IIT Kharagpur in 1993, as a top ranked student. He also won Silver Medal for academic excellence.IIT system that allowed him to pursue his interest in electronics while being a student in metallurgy. IIT Kharagpur's metallurgical department has produced a  number of prominent personalities including Praveen Chaudari, who headed IBM's research division and Arun Sarin, who was the CEO of Vodafone.

From IIT, Sundar Pichai moved to Stanford for Postgraduate studies. "After studying there, he joined Applied Materials which gave him good ideas in the field of electronics and associated materials. He also has an MBA from the Wharton School, where he  was named a Siebel Scholar and a Palmer Scholar.

Sunder Pichai finally joined "Google" in the year 2004. Twitter tried more to poach him from Google to maintain its product. Sundar has a talent for creating products that are technically excellent and he loves a big bet, Google founder Larry Page wrote in his blog this week.

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A diesel attends into the vintage.

An easy way to know the Rank of your Website or Blog

Each and every website or blog is having some sort of rank around the world and in their own country. 

Do you want to know the rank of your website? 

Why we want to know the Rank?

By knowing the rank of our website, we can put more effort to get good rank. It will increase our way of working to the blog.

Alexa Shows, 

in which country you are getting traffic? 

How popular your site is?

What are the sites similar to your's?

How your site is looked in the past? (i.e., Before 1 Month or 1 Year)

Which queries drive traffic to your site?

You can see, What other peoples thought about your site?

Speed of your site. etc...

Ok, Now you want to install it in your browser. Go ahead and Install Alexa Toolbar.

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Write For Us

Write For us ! (FREE OF COST)
Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a lot to say but lack the ability to reach a mass audience? Do you want to write for us? Then look no further. Contributors are always welcome at We are always on the lookout for experienced writers.

What are We Looking for?
You may write on almost everything about any product, any online company which launched on the Internet. You may write Product reviews, Company reviews, Tips on any topic and so on.

Adult or gambling related articles are not acceptable. Articles related to Gadgets, Technology, Blogging Tips, Money Making Tips, Part Time Jobs, Science, E-Books, Affiliates, SEO, Education, Entertainment are mostly welcome.

What Formats Do We Accept?
You may send your article in .doc, .pdf or .txt file for text documents and .jpg or .png for image files. You may include H2 or H3 tags, bullet points, external links (dofollow ) relevant to the topic you’re writing for and maximum of 3 keyword-rich anchor text of your choice.

  • Your post must be written in good English
  • Only original ideas and Unique Content! Copycats are rejected. We’ll check it over, so don’t waste your time on Cut-Copy-Pasting.
Contact Info !
Send us an article pitch to  Please note we reserve the right to edit or decline any article idea or post you email us. Backlinks will be given for your site.

Simple ways to add Facebook Social Plugins to your Blog

Facebook is mostly used by all internet users. Facebook is number one in generating traffic, it push down Google to the second place. Nowadays social plugin of Facebook is widely used. The most famous plugin is "Like" button which is used by millions of tech bloggers to promote their sites. There are more than 7 plugins are provided by Facebook. How many of these plugins do you used in your blog or site. Here i am try to provide information about these great tools. It will surely help you to promote your blog to next level.

1. Like Button:

The "Like" button lets a user of your blog to share your content with their friends on Facebook. When the user clicks Like button from on site, a short post about your article will appears in their page. It will surely get you more backlinks from the user's Friend's. To implement Like Button on your page, Click Here.

2. Like Box:

Like is a Social Plugin, which enables Facebook Owners to attract and gain likes from other users to their own site. The "Like Box" enables user to:
  • View how many users like this page(i.e., Your Own Site).
  • Displays your recent Posts to the users and fans in your Facebook Page.
  • Gives more traffic to your website.
  • Getting a professional look.
To implement "Like Box" Click Here.

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3. Follow Button:

The "Follow Button" lets a user follow your updates on Facebook. The Facebook provide two types of Follow Button, as XFBML and Iframe. The XFMBL is more versatile and requires Javascript SDK. The best use of XFBML is, it dynamically re-size its height according to your webpage. To get started just Click Here.

4. Login Button:

The "Login Button" shows Profile Picture of user's friend who already signed up to your website. Here you can specify, how many number of rows to be display. It is also re-size its height dynamically according to the site like "Follow Button". To get "Login Button" Click Here.

5. Shared Activity:

The "Shared Activity" displays your activity shared by you to your users. This plugin displays all of your user's in Open Graph activities, Comment, and Sharing Activities that have been happened in your site. Click Here to implement this on your blog.

6. Send Button:

The "Send Button" allows users to easily send the content provided by you to their Friends. The URL of your site is also included in the message by clicking this Send Button. The "Like Button" allows user to share the content, and the "Send Button" allows them to send a private message to few friends. You can implement "Send Button" by clicking here. 

Above this are most important plugins provided by Facebook to the users. For More Information: Social Plugins.

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'Talking Shoes' - A New Product from Tech Giant Google

Google Glass was not enough for them, they unveils another product of "Talking Shoes". It doesn't mean that they are planning to get in to the footwear business. They designed this product to highlight the new advertising platform called Art, Copy and Code. Google is the king of internet, they decided to prove it again for another platform of Art, Copy and Code.

Google took a pair of Adidas Sneakers and crammed it in a small PC's, an accelerometer, speaker, Bluetooth and other digital devices. This shoe will tell you all about, what you are and aren't doing. It relay that information to your phone through the Bluetooth  or through the speaker in the top tongue of the shoe. That shoe itself contains speaker to let you know the information's.

Aman Govil, he is the lead of advertising Arts team, said that 'Talking Shoe is an experiment in how one can use connected devices to tell something on the websites. That shoe itself translate the information in to a copy. We are expecting soon in the market for entertainment.

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5 important ways to get traffic to your Blog

1. Comments on other blogs

Read the blog of others. There are lots of bloggers in this world giving nice information’s. Try to comment on their blogs, by doing this, you get profit in two ways, first thing is you get some ideas from their article and a second thing is by commenting on their article you will get viewers to your blog. So try to read other blogs and leave thoughtful comments on their blog.

2. Target your audience

Targeting audience is the important thing in getting traffic. You have to fix the audience, because you are going to give a valuable post to your blog. If your article is related to “Make Money Online”, then you have to search that kind of people to read your blog.

3. Do Some SEO for your blog

Search engines give massive traffic to your blog. Use more keywords in the article related to your niche. Many bloggers ignore this Search Engine Optimization. Try to learn about “How to do SEO” from other bloggers. Use Google Analytics and Google Adwords for your blog optimization.

4. Use Social Networking Sites

Social Networking is a viral network for getting traffic to your blog. By sharing your post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut etc. you will get more traffic. Create a fan page for your blog in facebook and add Facebook Social Plugin for your blog. Create community page in orkut and groups in LinkedIn. Lot of facilities is available in social networking sites to get traffic for your blog. If you don’t have enough likes in Social Plugin, better you can try this.

5.  Write Article

Try to post your articles in hubpages, squidoo, infobarrel, ezinearticles etc… By using these sites, you can easily get back links for your blog. If you are doing affiliate marketing, then you can write article about your product and sell your product here. Click Here Get Free Traffic To Your Website.

Free Website Visitors

Facebook launched a New Design

Create your own Social Network.

March 8, 2013, this week, Facebook has lauched a new design for News Feed. This new design will gives unique experience for the users of mobiles, tablets, desktop’s and PC’s. This design will divide your feed in to content based.

Here there won’t be just one News Feed.

The Feeds are divided in to,
  •  All Friends
  •  Photos
  •  Music
  •  Following 
Bigger Photos on the site can be shared. If you are following first post and we share a link, the thumbnail for that post will get bigger. The thumbnail picture is much bigger the design. Whole site is now going to look the same across the board, may be it on your ipad, smartphones or your PC/Desktop.

If you hate this design, don’t worry the design is going to roll sometime. Facebook is currently testing this design with limited number of users. Be patient it will take some months to roll out to desktops.

Facebook states that, this design is aimed at getting rid of clutter. But we don’t know about the ads appear on this new design. We will wait and watch, what is going to happen?

Create your own social network by Clicking Here.

An Enterprise Tablet from HP (Hewlett-Packard )

Hewlett-Packard(HP) unveils a tablet ElitePad. It’s a business tablet aimed at enterprise segment. Even they entered in to this field as new, they introduced this tablet as eye catching on mobility applications where consumers want quick responses from the device, according to the Head Personal Systems Mr. Sunish Ragavan.

It is 10.1 inch in size and priced Rs. 43,500. It features optional Smart Jackets which gives more & more options for good connectivity, an additional battery and add-ons for customization of the device. Mr. Sunish Ragavan launch this product on March 8, 2013 in Hyderabad. He said that enterprises were increasing and moving towards “bring your own” device trend. And this new device was designed to meet the data security aspects.

It has several features like e-printing and a spare battery provides 11 hours of back-up. It also double as a PC for users, who utilize the docking system and a key-board that, in turn, would do away with the use of traditional desktop.

One of the important feature is, it is designed to run on Windows 8 platform, the new device had received good response from enterprises he said. 

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Free Website for Downloading Mobile Applications

There are varieties of Mobiles and Smartphone’s in the world. Everyone is having some kind of applications and games in their device. A Techie can use all kind of applications; they know where to get free apps and how to use. But some newbie don’t know how to get free applications for their Mobile and Smartphone’s.

Android users can download unlimited apps from Play Store. But other kind of mobile users don’t have such facilities. Here is a website providing all kind of applications for free of cost.

Mobile9 is an app store, which is truly open, and truly social. Anyone can share their applications with this website. Millions of members are sharing the apps, themes, wallpapers, theme music, music, etc… and billions of free downloads served here. They are also providing downloads for Tablets.

Just click here and have fun.

Sony Launched Xperia Z in India

No one in this world didn't hear about the word “SONY”. They launched a Smartphone XPERIA Z today in India. It costs Rs. 38,900 in India. It was launched by the cine actress Katrina Kaif, in the presence of Dennis Van Schie

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Platform is used. It has Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 13 Megapixel Cyber shot camera and 4G LTE. It’s also a water resistant.

According to the Managing Director of Sony, Kenichiro Hibi, they decided to triple the Xperia sales in India Rs. 3500 Crores. The company has taken several steps to make faster. 

They are also decided to launch outdoor compaign, shop front display, and have roadshows in malls on a pan india basis. Cinema and Digital Platforms will also be a key role in their Marketing Campaign.

How to get listed in Google &

Most of the bloggers & website trying to get listed in Google, Yahoo & Other search engines. Getting listed in search engines like Google & Yahoo will drive you targeted traffic to your website. Here we are going to discuss about, how to get listed in popular search engines. 

Before trying to add your site to search engines, we must understand what is the process happening in it. They are using some kind of “Formula”, in technical term it is called as “Algorithm”. We are not going to scrutinize the algorithm used in search engine. Just we have to think what is going on there.

In simple, we can use Google to search for something we need. We can search a keyword in Google by two categories.  First one is, without using quotes i.e., How to Make Money Online. Second one is, with quotes i.e., “How to Make Money Online”. For these two categories, the result may vary. This is the simple algorithm we have to learn for using keywords in website or blog.

We have to search our title using quotes in the search engine. If the result is within 10,000 our title will surely get placed in the first or second or third page in the Google. If it is more than that, we get placed after the fifth or above pages. This is an important thing to put in mind for getting better results in Google or Yahoo.

After this, we have to update Meta Tags to our website or blog, given below is the coding for Meta Tags,

<title>Title of Your Site</title>
<meta name="description" content="Description of your site here.">
<meta name="keywords" content="keywords separated by commas">

Bloggers using & do not need to insert this coding manually.

Use Google Webmaster Tool:

If you are having account in, the work is easy. Just go to and sign in using your username & password of Google (i.e., Gmail). Click “Add Site” button & enter your URL. 

After that copy a code given by them and paste it in your blog or website next to the <head> tag. Then click verify button and you will get indexed in the Google Search Results.

Get indexed in Bing-Yahoo:

For getting indexed in yahoo is simple. Just click here and submit your URL. 

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Special Thanks to the Tech Guru & Professional Blogger of India


There are lot of bloggers in India who earning money through Online. All of them is not earning money. some earns and some bloggers blogging for sharing their ideas, information's, their skills etc...

One of the Famous and Professional Indian Blogger Mr.Amit Agarwal who dedicated a blog for Indian Bloggers. Name of that blog is India Blog. Here, he collected the websites of all bloggers and separated it depends on their niche. It will be very useful for newbie’s who trying to earn money from online. Because, by visiting the blog of experienced bloggers we can surely get some ideas.

We will implement that ideas to our blog also. We have to appreciate Mr. Amit Agarwal for this great job he has done. Just you share this post for his good job. We can also register our blog to Indian Bloggers. Do you want to know more about the Great Indian Blogger. Just Visit his page by Click Here. As a Indian and as a Indian Blogger, we have to thank Mr. Amit Agarwal for his dedicated work.

Private Schools Fee Determination Committee 2013-2014

Tamilnadu Government announces fee determination for the year 2013-2014. They asked all the schools to download the questionnaire for Fee Determination in their website. More number of schools in the Tamilnadu don't know how & where to download the form. 

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They seperated the Fee Determination forms as, Annexure - 1, Annexure - 2, and Annexure - 3. You have to download the form and send the form to concern Educational Department within the due date. A Meeting is arranged for all the schools in Tamilnadu, within the DPI Campus in Chennai. Before that meeting, we have to download & produce the form to concern department. It's a GO Order.

To download the form, Click Here.

To download, Private School Fees Structure (2013 - 2016)

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Best 5 Smartphones 2013

Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Google Nexus 4

Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD

Nokia Lumia 920

5 Simple Steps to Make Money Online

1. Create a Blog: 

What is a Blog? 

A blog is a place, in which we can share our ideas, information & knowledge to others. The information & idea may be anything, it depends on our niche(i.e.,Concept. Ex: Ebooks, Software, Mobile Phones, Technology, Education etc...) 

To create a website, we need to spend money. For blog, it doesn't cost nothing. Just go to or and create your blog. If you don't know, how to create a blog, click here. If you are having account in gmail, you can use that same username and password for to create a blog.

The content you going to provide in a blog should be unique. Because, "Content is King".

If you want to know more about blogging, visit All Blogging Tips.

2. Make a Blog Attractive: 

How can we make our blog attractive?

Default templates are available in blogger & wordpress. Wordpress provides more templates, but blogger doesn't have attractive templates. But it allows the user to upload the templates of others. Click Here to get some attractive free templates for your blog.

3. Make Money:

The Online Jobs are mainly divided in to three simple categories, 
  • PPC: Pay Per Click
  • PPS: Pay Per Sale
  • PPL: Pay Per Lead
Here, we going to use all the above. Most of the bloggers are using "Pay Per Click" by Adsense. Its a product of google. Nowadays, getting ads, text links & banners from adsense is not easy. We have to wait for more than 6 months or 1 year to create an account in Google Adsense. Because it needs more page view. As a new blogger we can create account their.

So, instead of adsense, we can use bidvertiser. The bidvertiser is same as adsense. Create your account in bidvertiser and post ads in blog.

4. Add Share Button: 

Ok. Now your blog is ready to go. You post your article to the world. How can you share your blog with others. To share our post, here we can add some share buttons before or after the post. Click Here to add share buttons to your blog.

5. Add Facebook Plugins:

<iframe allowtransparency='true' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' src=';width=590&amp;colorscheme=light&amp; show_faces=true&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;height=350' style='border:none; overflow:hidden; width:300px; height:400px;'/></iframe>

Go to 'Add Gadgets' in blogger. Select 'Html/Javascript' and just paste this above coding. Before pasting this code, we have to ensure whether we having a page for our blog in Facebook. If we don't have a page in facebook. Create a Page like this, and copy your facebook address page. Then paste that copied address to  the coding mentioned as green text.

How to book train tickets in India

Everyone in the world is having little desire to travel by train. But booking for trains in india is very tough job for our indian citizens. Because we have to weight in the long queue to book our tickets. Without weighting in the queue we easily book our tickets. Indian government announce a website for online booking. This website may be well known by the technical bloggers, but more peoples in india didn't know about this.

We need a Debit card or Credit card to book our tickets. Both Normal and Tatkal schemes are available here. We don't have to waste our time by standing in a long queue. 

Important Note: You should have to carry your ID Proof for your journey, when you book your tickets through online. Some of the Offering Quota  is available for senior citizens.

Just click here and create an account to book your tickets online for anywhere you wish to go.