Simple ways to add Facebook Social Plugins to your Blog

Facebook is mostly used by all internet users. Facebook is number one in generating traffic, it push down Google to the second place. Nowadays social plugin of Facebook is widely used. The most famous plugin is "Like" button which is used by millions of tech bloggers to promote their sites. There are more than 7 plugins are provided by Facebook. How many of these plugins do you used in your blog or site. Here i am try to provide information about these great tools. It will surely help you to promote your blog to next level.

1. Like Button:

The "Like" button lets a user of your blog to share your content with their friends on Facebook. When the user clicks Like button from on site, a short post about your article will appears in their page. It will surely get you more backlinks from the user's Friend's. To implement Like Button on your page, Click Here.

2. Like Box:

Like is a Social Plugin, which enables Facebook Owners to attract and gain likes from other users to their own site. The "Like Box" enables user to:
  • View how many users like this page(i.e., Your Own Site).
  • Displays your recent Posts to the users and fans in your Facebook Page.
  • Gives more traffic to your website.
  • Getting a professional look.
To implement "Like Box" Click Here.

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3. Follow Button:

The "Follow Button" lets a user follow your updates on Facebook. The Facebook provide two types of Follow Button, as XFBML and Iframe. The XFMBL is more versatile and requires Javascript SDK. The best use of XFBML is, it dynamically re-size its height according to your webpage. To get started just Click Here.

4. Login Button:

The "Login Button" shows Profile Picture of user's friend who already signed up to your website. Here you can specify, how many number of rows to be display. It is also re-size its height dynamically according to the site like "Follow Button". To get "Login Button" Click Here.

5. Shared Activity:

The "Shared Activity" displays your activity shared by you to your users. This plugin displays all of your user's in Open Graph activities, Comment, and Sharing Activities that have been happened in your site. Click Here to implement this on your blog.

6. Send Button:

The "Send Button" allows users to easily send the content provided by you to their Friends. The URL of your site is also included in the message by clicking this Send Button. The "Like Button" allows user to share the content, and the "Send Button" allows them to send a private message to few friends. You can implement "Send Button" by clicking here. 

Above this are most important plugins provided by Facebook to the users. For More Information: Social Plugins.

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