Only Time Will Tell (The Clifton Chronicles)

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Jeffrey Archer is one of the Big Three authors who not just entertained but also inspired an entire generation of writers. This is the complete review of the 2012 version of his book, Only Time Will Tell, the first of the Clifton Chronicles.

Harry is a young and extremely gifted boy born in the impoverished Clifton family. However, thanks to the hard work and never say die attitude of his mother and a wise old man who takes him under his fold, he is thrust among men who are not his equals. Little does he know that the people who he thinks are of a higher class than him have something common with him. 

What ties almost everyone in the novel is a deep, dark secret that rears itself at the most inopportune moment, making life for everyone involved an adventure that beckons the avid reader closer.

Archer is undoubtedly the master of storytelling, and the way he weaves his script through one of the most interesting character lineups is nothing short of amazing. This is one of the few books where the readers will find it difficult to point out who the main character is.

Readers looking for an introduction to the good ole times are in for a treat. The book is set between the first and second world war, and Archer succeeds in creating a pathway for the imaginative mind to visit the times of gold, brass and character.
At first read, the book does seem to be channeling the poor-meet-rich-boy-in-school, but as the story progresses, the master strokes of Archer take the story to a whole new level, and brings us to the long awaited Archerverse that brings together character, past and fortune.
Even the greatest Archer fan will have to admit that the story line is not one of the greatest, and even becomes probable at the end of the day, but what saves the book is the one master stroke that brings all critics to their knees.
This is a quintessential page-turner, with nary a boring moment. With such layered characters pitted against each other in such an intensely written book, not a single paragraph is out of digressive.

The first part of the Clifton Chronicles is a definite must buy for Archer fans, as well as those looking to dive into a rich story-line, well thought of characters and a story deeply embedded in the myriad colors that make up humanity.

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