How to get listed in Google &


Most of the bloggers & website trying to get listed in Google, Yahoo & Other search engines. Getting listed in search engines like Google & Yahoo will drive you targeted traffic to your website. Here we are going to discuss about, how to get listed in popular search engines. 

Before trying to add your site to search engines, we must understand what is the process happening in it. They are using some kind of “Formula”, in technical term it is called as “Algorithm”. We are not going to scrutinize the algorithm used in search engine. Just we have to think what is going on there.

In simple, we can use Google to search for something we need. We can search a keyword in Google by two categories.  First one is, without using quotes i.e., How to Make Money Online. Second one is, with quotes i.e., “How to Make Money Online”. For these two categories, the result may vary. This is the simple algorithm we have to learn for using keywords in website or blog.

We have to search our title using quotes in the search engine. If the result is within 10,000 our title will surely get placed in the first or second or third page in the Google. If it is more than that, we get placed after the fifth or above pages. This is an important thing to put in mind for getting better results in Google or Yahoo.

After this, we have to update Meta Tags to our website or blog, given below is the coding for Meta Tags,

<title>Title of Your Site</title>
<meta name="description" content="Description of your site here.">
<meta name="keywords" content="keywords separated by commas">

Bloggers using & do not need to insert this coding manually.

Use Google Webmaster Tool:

If you are having account in, the work is easy. Just go to and sign in using your username & password of Google (i.e., Gmail). Click “Add Site” button & enter your URL. 

After that copy a code given by them and paste it in your blog or website next to the <head> tag. Then click verify button and you will get indexed in the Google Search Results.

Get indexed in Bing-Yahoo:

For getting indexed in yahoo is simple. Just click here and submit your URL. 

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