A Brief Introduction to Biometric Time Attendance Systems

As explained in this article, streamlining the whole process and eradicating all possible time thefts, human errors, etc., a company cannot just save on time but also bring into light those deserving employees who devote quality time at work.

If you have gone tired of calculating, recording and controlling employee timesheets biometric time attendance systems is the only solution.  If you are in a doubt as how can this help your business perform better and get you a better return on investment over your employees, then it must be stated here that biometric time attendance systems are much more effective and flaw proof than any other system. Now it is time to know how to get the best out of this revolutionary system.

Biometric or Fingerprint Time Attendance System:

Time is money and so is business. Be it a small business or a large enterprise, entities across the world are robustly trying to utilize time and convert it into money. 

To fiercely fight competition and be the leader of your niche, companies are taking steps at the ground level too in order to make sure that the time is not wasted.  

In the process of managing time to ensure task completion and keeping a track of employees’ arrive and depart time, companies try to get the most of its workforce.

Features and Benefits:

            Cloud Computing :- In this eon of “cloud computing” where one can access a secure website and store any sort of data like the clocking one, it becomes highly flexible to operate these biometric attendance systems anytime, anywhere.  All it needs as the user is a finger, hand, or thumb scan to log or clock-in and out of work.

            Time Theft: - Whether it’s a blue collar employee or a white collar one, time theft exists in all the cases. Even if there is a system in place that includes keeping time sheets, registers, punch-in cards or a username-password login system, the possibility of time theft remains intact. As these attendance systems only recognize its users finger/thumb impressions, it can ensure zero employee fraud in terms of time.

              Buddy punching: - This is something which happens all around the world, where an employee punches the “punch” or “time-card” of his fellow mate or colleague and thus hiding his/her late arrival, absence or early departure at work. As explained in time theft, these attendance systems cannot be faked as it works on the finger or thumb prints only.

          Human Error: - It is a part of manual tracking, recording and calculation of employees’ attendance system. With biometric attendance systems in place, human errors relegate to negligible values.

            Smooth Administrative Process: - Keeps the exact values in the user logins – accurate, saved and calculated, it makes the calculation extremely smooth for the payroll.

Biometric Attendance System is a revolution that can help organizations save a lot on money and help them increase their productivity by keeping an accurate track of time. Rewarding them becomes easier, making the star performers keep their spirits high at work and motivate others to perform better.

Author Bio: My name is Mahesh Lodhaya. I enjoy reading & writing article about useful and technologically advanced business management software systems. 

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